As a multi-passionate person, I take an almost child-like delight in exploring all the things that light up my brain.

This is the place where I record those moments in life; from food & travel photography, recipes, to life updates. Basically, what the good 'ol journaling used to be.   

I also run a very successful Mexican Food blog MUY DELISH and I hope you check it out and give it some love! Otherwise, I hope you stick around here and come back often. 


Photography has been my life-long passion & in 2003, a portrait photography business was started. In 2011 I started my food blog Muy Delish as a side hobby and naturally, I quickly fell in love with food photography!

I was drawn into this new genre of photography because of how challenging it was. Like every great photograph, food photography requires excellent composition, unique lighting skills, passion, style, improvisation and a great subject.

I am a wife and a mother of two and they are the best two things I get to be. I really don’t ask for much to be happy—lazy days with my family, time and space to do what I love most (photography & cooking), really good cookies on hand at times, and a fun vacation to explore a beautiful new country.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

XO, Ana